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YOU. Let’s talk about you. 

It’s not coincidence that you’ve landed here.

You are someone…

with big dreams, 

who loves life and has more to give,

who wants to get the most out of life,

who wants to fulfill their potential,

who needs inspiration to get started, reset, or keep going.

YOU. You are someone who deserves to live a life that you love inside and out. That’s where I come in. Read on and discover what you and I can accomplish together…


I want to find out what makes you tick.

I want to awaken your dreams.

I want to help you make them a reality.

Seeing your eyes light up as you connect to your vision and dreams is what I live for. I combine coaching with my passion for health, entrepreneurship, yoga, and love in order to support you on your journey. 

Before we move further along in our relationship, I want to thank you.

Thank you for inspiring me to dream big. To play full out. To get back up when I fall, which I do often. To live a life that uncovers the aspects of my authentic self so that I can share more of me, with you.


Inspire and empower you to live a life that you love.

I create experiences, products, and services that get YOU clear on what you want, why you want it, and how to get it so that you can create and live the lifestyle that makes your eyes light up.

I am your go-to for clarity, vision and goal setting, love, and inspiration.

I live my life in such a way to remind you that your health is the foundation upon which everything else is built. That listening to your gut, taking chances, and playing full out is always worth it.

From 1:1 sessions, online workshops, speaking engagements, teaching, certifying coaches, and sharing tools on the blog, I am on a mission to inspiring and empowering you to live a life that you love.




One of the first questions I ask all of my clients is;

“What are your core values?”

It is only fitting that I share mine with you.



I love…creating your vision and going after your goals, smoothies, romance, the beach, surfing, yoga, the classic white tee with jeans look, a good glass of cabernet, my family.

It’s all about the love. I speak, think, and act from a place of love.



Health is…cleansing, eating your greens, taking your supplements, practicing yoga, surfing, running, dancing, taking naps, going to the spa, meditation, laughter that makes your belly hurt, quality time with your loved ones.

Without health nothing works.

I eat mindfully. Sleep abundantly. Sweat daily to keep my mind, body, and soul in an optimal state.



Freedom is…walking barefoot in the sand, discovering new places, loving as if you’ve never been hurt, catching a good wave, taking the afternoon off if you so please, working through the night when creativity calls, an abundance mindset paired with a happy bank account, having the right to be, have, and do more of what makes you happy.

Doing what you please with your time, money, and creative expression. Being all of you authentically and uninhibitedly.



Fun is…spontaneous hangouts with strangers who become friends, living room dance parties, concerts, doing nothing, getting up at the crack of dawn to watch the sunrise, holding hands to watch the sunset, giggles, falling in love, random gift giving, celebrations, travel, sand between your toes, star gazing, surfing, and everything that makes your heart beat a little faster.

I encourage spontaneous dance parties at all times and jump high-5s instead of coffee. Fun is beautiful. It is inspiring and awakens your creative energy. Spend time doing the things that make you smile each day!

Want to review your core values? Check out the article with accompanying tool below!



If no one knows what your dreams are, how can they help you make them a reality?

Many of my clients reveal that I am the only person with whom they discuss their vision and goals. I want to change that.

Imagine a world where we openly shared our deepest desires AND supported one another in fulfilling these? I get goosebumps at the thought.

It can be scary to reveal these parts of ourselves. I believe that this is a good thing. Fear reminds us that we care deeply about something, that we are alive. Pair that with stepping into vulnerability and you are at the edge of magic.


I see a world where people are happy, doing what they love, and making a difference in the world. I see people who are vibrantly healthy, contagiously alive, radiant. I see powerful relationships, support, and joyful communities. I see a world where time and financial freedom are possible. Where people can fulfill their ideal definition of balance. Where people feel free, spend time in nature, play, and make their dreams a reality. I see a world that is magic and beautiful.

If you want to find out more, listen to the detailed version of my vision for 10 years down the road.

Whether we work together 1:1 or in a group setting, we will at some point discuss creating your vision. May as well get a head start with the tools I’ve got in store for you!


I’m a big fan of using Pinterest as a way to keep my vision boards up to date. Feel free to check these out and share yours with me!


I focus on helping you set goals for your soul to feel fully alive.

The goals that make you tingle.

That connect you to your life’s purpose. That turn your light into a raging fire.

We may talk about those “push” goals from time to time such as getting your taxes and closet in order so that your life runs smoothly. You can count on us infusing a healthy dose of groovy tunes and bright lipstick to make typically mundane things exciting.

I have more goals than I will probably accomplish in this lifetime. Knowing this forces me to focus on a select few at a time based on a given theme. Create, open, receive, and expand are the themes guiding 2017.

I’ve got 3 BIG goals for this year. Feel free to hold me accountable, send support, or simply let these inspire you to set your Top 3.



I’ve asked the universe to tell my soulmate that I am ready to love him and create a future together. 


I have at least 3 books floating around inside. I’ve committed to writing one of these this year inspired by my recent road trip across the US. You can catch a sneak peek on the blog. If you know literary agents, editors, or publishers who might be interested, let me know!


I sold my stuff. Wanted to start fresh. I’m excited to find that place to call “home.” Ideally with my man 😉

Need inspiration to set your soulful goals? Click below for some great resources!



I was coaching long before I knew I was going to become a coach. In fact, I laughed when it dawned on me that everything in my life had led me to realizing that coaching was what I was meant to do.

I don’t have a fancy “Life Coach” certificate framed on my wall. In fact, I created the Y.O.U. Collective Coach Certification because the program I dreamt of didn’t exist when I started.

What I do have is years of training and experience in the domain of how to live a life that you love. I was listening to Anthony Robbins in my Walkman as a kid. I led workshops in high school on how to be a more effective teen. I have a bachelors in psychology from one of the world’s top ranked universities. A masters in how to overcome your biggest fear, aka, cancer at age 25, granted from the university of life. (I graduated with honours by the way.) 

I’ve coached hundreds of people in private and group settings. I’ve coached for an internationally renowned personal development enterprise. I have spoken to groups in a intimate setting and sold out festivals.

In sum, I started life coaching long before I knew that it was what I was meant to do, and this is just the beginning…

Sabrina Di Nardo

“Working with Melissa was nothing less than inspiring, motivating and uber fun! I originally came to her with a long list of things I wanted to accomplish, but was hazy on where to start. Melissa was resourceful, genuine and compassionate. Being the fantastic communicator and organizer extraordinaire that she is, Melissa skillfully guided me into prioritizing my goals and clarifying ways in which I could put my plans into motion – and that I did! Choosing to book one-on-one sessions with Melissa was a valuable decision and has proven to be beneficial both personally and professionally. I am so grateful!”


Whether in person at a Montreal café or via Skype in Australia, I have the privilege of coaching incredible individuals from around the globe. My clients are the best!


I did a happy dance when I was given the opportunity to write an article for the lululemon blog. Whether I am featured as a top young entrepreneur or get to write articles for blogs I love, I feel grateful to spread the love of inspiration and empowerment everywhere. Click any of the logos below to find out more!



I used to follow instructions on how to write a catchy About page. I’ve out grown these and decided to let you in to different aspects of me and my life that have a direct impact on who I am and how I coach. From where I come from to where I’m going, these are a mix of the little and big things that I think you should know. Grab a cup of tea and let’s get close.


I got lucky with these two. My parents are my biggest supporters and have always given me a platform to spread my wings. Without them I wouldn’t be the woman I am, and am becoming.

My dad is one of the biggest influencers in my life. Having introduced me to personal development at a young age with Tony Robbins and Brian Tracy tapes, I wouldn’t be doing what I do if it wasn’t for him. I also pursue most of my dreams to inspire my dad to do the same. He is a dentist by day, writer by night. 

My mom is the ultimate free spirit. An artist with a huge heart, she never ceases to amaze me with her work and dedication to loved ones. She taught me to be positive, to love hard, to live through all emotions, and to stand up for myself. All simply by being herself.

I’m the youngest of 3

My sister, Tania, owns a beautiful restaurant in our home town of Sainte-Agathe with her husband. Go check it out if you ever pass through the Laurentians. My sister is one of the hardest women I know. I have no idea how she does it and I don’t tell her enough how proud I am of her.

My brother, Mathieu, is an incredibly talented carpenter and custom furniture maker. He lives on a little island called Protection just off the coast of Vancouver Island. My brother is one of the most passionate individuals I know. His dedication to his craft blows me away. If you ever want to hear about all the amazing characteristics about wood, he will gladly share.

They have given me the honour of being an aunt. I have two nephews and nieces. Their youthful innocence and joie de vivre inspires me to be a little better each day, for them.

*Bonus fun fact, I assisted my sister for both of her deliveries. These remain two of my most cherished memories.


That’s my best bud, Bali. He comes with me everywhere so you’ll either hear about him or see him a lot. He coaches me on all things fun and nap related. You can follow our adventures either via Instagram or on the blog.

I graduated from McGill University with a BSc in Psychology and a minor in Kinesiology. I took full advantage of the system and went on two exchange programs during my undergrad. First at the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia. Which to this day, remains the best seven months of my life. Second at the University of British Columbia where running at sunset was just as important as showing up to class, and I loved it.

I dropped out of Osteopathy school with one month left to go in my first and don’t regret it for a second.

I applied to do an MBA at the HEC. I received a conditional acceptance requesting I re-write the GMAT. I had zero desire to put myself through that kind of standardized testing again and opted to complete Marie Forleo’s B-School program instead. It was awesome and I recommend this program to anyone wishing to build a business online at their own pace.


Melissa Colleret is a life coach from Montreal currently residing in beautiful British Columbia. Sharing her mission to make you come alive and live your best life keeps this passionate entrepreneur on her toes. From 1:1 sessions, online workshops, public speaking, yoga classes and an online health business, Melissa wakes up every day wanting to inspire and empower. Creating vision boards while sipping on a glass of Cabernet is her jam. Haagan Daas ice cream is her vice. She believes that doing what you love is the greatest gift that you can give to the world.

After overcoming colo-rectal cancer at the age of 25, Melissa decided to live life now instead of pushing off the things that matter to a later date. She co-founded Viveka Yoga, a yoga studio located in Lachine dedicated to creating greatness on and off the mat. After leaving the studio to pursue other goals, life coaching became the obvious career path for her. From listening to Anthony Robbins on her walkman as a kid to coaching for an international personal development company, it became clear that Melissa was meant to help others clarify their goals in order to realize their dreams.

With her background in psychology from her studies at McGill and her passion for personal development, Melissa decided to launch into coaching. Bringing together her educational background, various trainings and certifications, she has created her own life coaching certification called Y.O.U. Collective Coach Certification to create the program she wishes had been available to her when she first started out.

Melissa currently lives in Canada’s premier surf town, Tofino, on Vancouver Island. You can find her walking along the beach with her dog, Bali or catching some waves in the afternoon. She is a wannabe momma and cannot wait to embark on the path of motherhood!