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Ready to live a life that you love? Melissa Colleret will show you how.
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So, what’s a life coach exactly?

I answer this often.

Life coaching is about supporting you in feeling fully expressed in the world. A life coach allows you to see yourself as your best self. They support you in setting goals that will get you there.

They’re not about fixing or finding out what’s wrong with you. Rather, a coach inspires you to action. They are invested in your journey to greatness.


I have created one-on-one sessions to help you boost, clarify, and transform your life. Workshops to bring coaching online and in communities. I teach yoga to keep your body moving, strong, and open-hearted. I created a certification program for those wishing to bring coaching into their expertise toolbox. that I share weekly updates via the Inspire & Empower Newsletter and via the blog.

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Despite having various educational backgrounds, types of practice or area of specialty, all life coaches are committed to you living your best life. I don’t have a fancy “Life Coach” certificate framed on my wall. Instead, I bring years of training and experience in entrepreneurship and the domain of living my best life.

I listened to Anthony Robbins as a kid. I led success workshops in high school. I completed studies in psychology from three of the world’s top universities; McGill University, the University of Queensland, and the University of British Columbia.

I travelled to Kerala, India to complete a 500H yoga certification with Moksha Yoga International. I founded a studio, Viveka Yoga, just over a year later. Within months, I stepped down from my position at the studio. Something didn’t feel right.

At 25, I overcame colorectal cancer and opened my eyes to the importance of living on purpose.

I started out coaching for an internationally renowned personal development company. Since then I’ve coached hundreds of people privately. Spoken for corporations, events, and festivals.

Meet Melissa

Meet Melissa

Find out more about my story and mission

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You might be asking yourself; “Why the heck would I want to see a life coach?”

What if I had a recipe for boosting self-confidence, productivity, sex appeal, and discovering your life’s purpose? Wouldn’t you want it?

Life coaching allows you to clarify what you want, why you want it and how to get there.

Whether you want that big promotion, to start your own business, meet the man of your dreams, or lose those last 10lbs, a coach gives you the tools you need to realize your full potential.

But, does a life coach make you weird or crazy?

Many of the world’s most successful people have coaches that help them reach the top. You wouldn’t consider an Olympic athlete crazy for having a coach would you? And even if you are a little crazy (aren’t we all?), I dig it. Anyone who has ever accomplished great things had a little flare.

What is a session like?

Think of life coaching sessions as 60-minute parties for your life. They’re a whole lot of fun and you might get a little tipsy from all the introspective cocktails and action shooters I give you! We focus on what you need to feel accomplished and in control of your life.

These 1:1 Sessions have been created to support you in living a life that you love and feeling fabulous about who you are. Find out more about private sessions, workshops, and events HERE. 

Want to find out more?

Want to find out more?

Discover the different options  available to you. Choose from a Boost Session, The Clarity Package, or The Transformative Experience.

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Ready to Come Alive?

Ready to Come Alive?

Check out the Come Alive Workshop! Find out more about this life changing online program, upcoming dates, and read what others had to say about their experience.

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Meet Melissa’s clients and read what they had to say about their experience with life coaching.