Life In Tofino: Let photos replace a thousand words.
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Life in Tofino: Let the photos be the thousand words.

20 Dec Life in Tofino: Let the photos be the thousand words.

I gotta admit moving has been both amazing and more emotionally taxing than I had expected. At times I question everything. And then I open my eyes and look around me. Tofino has been perfect, is perfect in fact. Any questioning or challenge that I’ve been facing comes from within and I am still figuring all that out.

But in the process, join me in admiring the environment I currently call home…

Had I not taken this picture I would have guessed it was taken in the Caribbean somewhere. But no. It was taken on a beautiful cold Sunday at Tonquin Beach while my friend Tahria was visiting.

Tonquin is at the end of town and I think a lot of people skip it. It’s one of my favourite beaches. If you come visit, don’t miss it. Enjoy the views from the bridge on the trail.

Snow capped mountains are magnificent. For a week or so the rain took a break in lieu of blue skies and sunshine. I admired the snow covering the mountains in the distance every single day as if seeing them for the first time each time. Something about them just captured my heart.

To me you are perfect. That’s all that matters…

Shadows. Sun kissed. Fading clouds. Perspective. Couldn’t love this more.

At times I stare off into the distance and let my mind wander.

I was looking for a spot to admire the scenery and turned off the side of the road into a lot for sale. I walked through the flooded land to take a moment on this log, decades wiser than I. For a moment things stood still and I just enjoyed it while it lasted. Wish you had been there next to me.

On an afternoon in Port Alberni, Bali and I wondered through the streets and found this pretty wall and vine. He posed for a few photos but my favourite remains how the vine and wall co-exist, making each other that much more beautiful because they’ve found each other.

Bali. My best bud. The thing that drives me the most crazy. The companion that never ceases to remind me how much he adores me. Thanks cutie.

On our way to Port Alberni for Bali’s grooming appointment, I decided to risk being late in order to admire the sun rising over Long Beach. It was absolutely un real. Frost on the beach wood. Calm in the air. A masterpiece in the sky. The photo at the top of the page is from that morning. As are the two below. One of the most beautiful mornings I’ve seen here yet. It’s always worth being late if it means you get to see something like this.

Frost + Beach wood go so well together.

For a moment I felt so cold, it felt like home…

Nature’s water colours.

This is my favourite tree. I admire it each time I take the bath down to Cox Bay beach. It represents Tofino perfectly. Tall, strong, & dancing in sunshine or stormy conditions. It’s so pretty.

I spent a weekend at my brother’s in November. I was feeling up and down about my place in the world. But then I arrived in Tofino to this sunset at Long Beach. There was something in the air that made me feel at home for the first time since I had moved here. I slowed down for a while and let it sink in. It’s still sinking in…

Tofitian Coffee House. I’ll have a tall Americano plz.

Sometimes I do cleanses. But mostly I have coffee & donuts at Rhino’s.

In my next life I’ll come back as a pro surfer. But for this life, I’ll just go out as much as I can and pretend. Love the surf life out here.

My favourite ladies room sign of all time.

It was sunset at Cox Bay. I had had an awesome surf session earlier that day and went to admire those still out before it got dark. The sky was insane. I captured a few shots and sent them to a few friends who were on a surf trip out here. Stalking surfers won’t get old any time soon.

Every rainbow here takes me back to Hawaii. It reminds me why I’m here and that the pot of gold is within us, not out of reach.

Rainbow skies…

My friend, Tahria, and I were strolling through the Pacific Rim Trails in Ucluelet when we saw two Eagles perched above us.

Don’t forget to look up, down, and all around. There’s always something beautiful waiting to be found.

My favourite outfit.

Meanwhile behind the laundromat in Port Alberni this sweet ol’ van lives by a cute woodshed.

More snow caps because they’re just so cool!

Autumn leaves kissed by winter.


Mackenzie Beach. Just down the road from where I live now. There’s something peaceful on this beach.

Sometimes Bali and I run. He grabs his favourite toy and leads the way. I take ample breaks to admire the scenery while he takes an unnecessary lead.

This cute house.

If I ever had a fishing boat, I hope for it to look like this. Bright and delightful.

I realize I’ve never carved the initials of someone I love before. A part of me adores these little gestures. Cheesy some may say, sweet I say.


On an early morning walk with my friend, Tahria, we stood at the junction of North and South Chesterman beaches and admired the waves rolling in.

Nature is the most talented artist I ever did see.

A few days ago I admired the inlet at sunset. It was so peaceful. Canadian Geese flew by and I wondered where they here headed. West is perhaps the new South?

As I admired the beauty that surrounded me, I cried. It’s often in moments where I am present to the beauty that surrounds me where I feel the most vulnerable. I miss my friends and family terribly, wishing they could experience all of this with me. I wondered if experiencing all this was worth not having them around. I don’t know yet. Depends on the day I suppose. But I will say that it is the biggest challenge I seem to face; wanting to stay yet at the same time not wanting to be alone.

So while I wonder, I’m gonna love.

Path along the inlet at low tide.

Through the lens of a log.

Through the lens of a Canon 70D. I couldn’t quite capture the pink sky, but this is pretty close.

This rock is Bali’s favourite place on North Chesterman beach. He climbs up it as we end our walks. Either as a way to celebrate our play time, or to delay having to go home. I think it’s the latter. In any case, I don’t mind climbing up after him because it’s my favourite place too.

Once upon a time this rope went out at sea. Washed upon the shore I wonder where it’s been.

I walk past this beam and rope each time I head to South Chesterman and I love it. Don’t you?

My Grade 5 art teacher, Mrs Santini, taught us perspective. I can’t help but think of her out here.

When the full moon just lights everything up.

If I made a postcard of Tofino, this would be it.

When he does this face I really don’t mind that he brings in half of the ocean floor into the house.

Was a cold and misty morning in Cox Bay…

…the rocks were frozen…

…and it was all so beautiful.

It’s easy to chase the sunrise when it only comes up around 8AM!

To start one’s day with sunrise and end it with sunset, that’s how it should be. This one was taken overlooking the inlet behind the Botanical Gardens. Bali doesn’t seem to notice that the water is way too cold for comfort.

Long Beach.

I took a walk to the Pettinger Lookout once morning when it was incredibly foggy out. There was something eerie in a beautiful way.

Westcoast reflections.

Looks like he’s posing, but truth is he was sniffing around for crab carcasses!

Tofino. Thanks for taking my breath away.
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