When Things Take Longer, Pause & Look At How Far You've Come
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When Things Take Longer Than Expected…Pause & Look At How Far You’ve Come

25 Sep When Things Take Longer Than Expected…Pause & Look At How Far You’ve Come

Have you ever set a goal for yourself in the short term only to see it come to life years later?


Happens to me all the time! Sometimes I get discouraged along the way or almost think I should forget about it altogether. But most of the time I reconnect to the vision and why that inspired it all, make the most of the process, and know that time is on my side. And when it comes together I pause. Hit by the realization of all that it took to get this far, to make it happen, and I smile.


I found myself smiling this weekend. A lot. For over 4 years I have dreamt of turning the COME ALIVE Workshop into a program that people from around the world could benefit from online, at any time.


After receiving one of the most beautiful impromptu testimonials before shutting down my emails on Friday night, I was reminded why I started years ago. This participant who has taken part in 3 COME ALIVE experiences shared all that has come of it, and continues to unfold because of her having said YES all those years ago.


That will soon be you. You’ll have access to 60 short video lessons (& one of the most beautiful yoga videos I’ve created for you thus far) to help you get clear on what you want, why you want it, and how to get it.


And above all else, you’ll have a found appreciation and lust for your life as you work towards turning your dreams into a reality.


The workshop will be available for you to join in the coming days.


Some of your BIG goals will take longer than you thought. But man oh man, when you look back at all that’s happened to lead you there, in the time it took, you’ll feel like no time past at all.


That being said, don’t wait to get started. Start working on your dreams today, because when you do, others start waking up too. And what unfolds is a journey filled with crazy little moments that you punch yourself for having actually experienced. You’ll also have the COME ALIVE Workshop tools to guide you along the way soon!


Stay tuned for updates this week!

With love,



You’ve been patient, and trust me it’s gonna be worth it. Although I had wanted to launch the 2018 program info early September, I knew that the trip and course would shift things in a way I couldn’t expect. I am so so excited to create the program not in an entirely new way, but rather in a way that is focused on epic people and tailored to their needs such that extraordinary lives are lived. I promise details are coming to you soon, and if you want to be the first to know, please email me for us to connect.

The digital program is almost ready for ya! I shot plenty of videos before my departure and I’ve been editing away, excited to have this program in your hands, at your convenience, from wherever you are in the world, very soon.

Revitalize is my signature cleanse program that brought my spirit back to life after having cancer already 7 years ago. The 4 pillars upon which is built are: NUTRITION, MINDSET, MOVEMENT, LOVE. But in November another pillar is coming into play: MEN. And I am so excited. Full disclosure: I am not entirely sure how the program will unfold because I just recently let myself be ok with creating a ton of goodness in a short amount of time and be ok with it not being perfect. What I do know is that November we will boost our innate vitality and support men in ways we may have never before, because the future is human and we need both men and women to rise to our highest selves.

Want me to come into your business or event? I would love to come connect with you and your community. Create something tailored to your needs and plant seeds that will lead to beautiful flowers of results. Crowds energize me and the opportunity to make a difference via the speaking platform is something I am excited to develop. Contact me to discuss further.

Need a boost? I feel ya. Let’s talk about the different ways we can work together to bring your dreams into reality.

Yup I have been writing a book for the past few months. It’s say 60% done. Or rather 60% started. I feel each time I put finger to keyboard something new comes up. Not to mention how interesting the editing process is. I look forward to sharing it with you in the physical form soon. But before I do, I will be looking for a professional editor, and since the universe has my back, a rad publishing deal would be great, thanks uni.

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