What Goes Through My Mind When I Workout + The Sweat App
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The thoughts going through my mind while working out + The App that has me sweating

03 Aug The thoughts going through my mind while working out + The App that has me sweating

I was supposed to do my workout in the morning. But I waited till midday when the sun was at it’s peak and the humidex was high.

What was supposed to be a “Beginner” workout felt like one of the hardest that I had done in a while. I thought I wouldn’t finish. But I did. With a drenched tee and smile on my face. I just had to share the thoughts that went through my head, and the App that has me sweating these days. I figured you might need the boost that I needed to get my workout regimen back on track!

First, some thoughts that ran through my mind….

“Let’s do this!” – Just before pressing “start;”

“My legs are already sore.” – Probably less than 2min in;

“What we need to add weights to our squats this week? You think I’m a f&cking beast?!” – No but seriously. Squats are enough on their own, no? Also, who owns a medicine ball? I don’t.

“Think I’m gonna throw up.” – I didn’t.

“Maybe I’m gonna pass out. Not sure.” – Again, I didn’t. And haven’t in years. And never because of a workout. But this was close.

“It’s f&cking hot.” – Forgive my language. But it was 30 degrees + humidity. Truth: I actually liked it.

“K. I got this.” – During the 30 sec break between sets.

“Are we done yet?!” – Hahahahahahah. No. Was 1/4 in.

“Damn this water tastes good.” – It really did.

“My thoughts are wild right now. I should do an Instagram story about how good this app is.” – True story.

“Gezus. Haven’t sweat like this in a while.” – Used to teach hot yoga, so I’m no stranger to profusely sweating. It had just been a while.

“Think about how good you’re gonna feel after.” – I did feel great!

 “Almost there!!!!!!!” -Had barely anything left in me, but was gonna finish strong.

“Doneeee!!!” – And I would have given myself a high-5 were my palms not so sweaty. 

Bet your mind goes in and out of wanting to quit and feeling great all the time. Be it during a workout, or while working on something meaningful. Either way, it’s worth sticking it through till the end. Let your thoughts be just that, thoughts. Have a laugh. Keep pushing through. And you’ll get to the end feeling great, promise.

Want to try the App I’m speaking of?

You may have heard of it before. Sweat With Kayla

This App was created by a young Australian personal trainer and her boyfriend. I had seen it pass on my social media feed several times before I gave it a go during a free trial a few months ago. I did a few workouts then quit. I re-activated my membership here and there, but fell off the bandwagon several times. But lately I felt that my body needed to get strong.

With surfing hours away, I needed to find something that would keep me moving and also build strength to prevent injuries. I practice yoga regularly, however my lower body has been prone to injuries whenever I start running. And that is mostly due to weak muscles. I don’t know what sparked up in me, but I signed-up for 3 months and I have been loving it so far.

I wanted to share it with you as it might be a fun way to change things up if you need. Workouts are only 28 minutes, and everything is planned out for you which  makes it easy. It’s also so convenient. And if you’re like me, you thrive on efficiency. Because I want to spend more time going on hikes with Bali than driving to the gym. These workouts allow me to build strength and hang with my pup.

I also wanted to let you know that you may, like me, start and stop several times before it clicks. And this, again, for both working out or working on other goals. Just don’t beat yourself up when you fall off the bandwagon. It’s part of the process!

Let me know if you try it! And if your thoughts go wild, I’d love to hear about those too!

With love,


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