Do you need a personal development & self-help DETOX?
Ready to live a life that you love? Melissa Colleret will show you how.
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Do you need a personal development & self-help DETOX?

24 Apr Do you need a personal development & self-help DETOX?

If we ever cross paths at a book store, chances are it will be in the Self-Help section. I’m a sucker for anything personal development and self-help. It’s what I do, and part of who I have become.


I’ll admit it, I hope to become your go-to when you need clarity. When you need to create a vision for your life and set goals that get you there. I want to inspire you to take massive action in your life and make your dreams come true. And when my books eventually get written and published, I hope you will read them. Yes, they will most likely be found in the Self Help section too.


However I also recognize that too much a good thing can become a bad thing. 

One scoop of ice cream on a sunny summer day is good for the soul. A full tub, not so much. 

Training for your next marathon feels awesome. Not giving yourself rest days will catch up with you (and your hips) pretty quickly.

Reading Gabby Bernsteins “The Universe Has Your Back” will most likely shed light on some of your darker spots. Having a never-ending list of self-help books to read, and no time to implement their lessons, or to let them set in, can become exhausting.


I see this come up in coaching sessions all the time;

A client books a session and quickly I see that it’s been weeks, and often times months, since she or he has taken time to simply BE.

To literally smell the roses. To spend an afternoon playing dress-up with their bestie or dancing their butt off at their favourite club. To take a day-off of wondering what their purpose in life is, how they can fit in meditation, yoga, running, #girlboss-ing, green smoothie drinking, all the while looking like they’ve come from a Vogue Cover photoshoot.

They feel discouraged and often overwhelmed because they aren’t doing the simple things that bring them joy. 


It’s exhausting trying to master personal development principles without giving yourself a break from time to time. These self help gurus didn’t master those life changing habits overnight. And even less so on their first attempt. These things take time, practice, and a focus on progress not perfection. Be gentle with yourself. Take time off of self-improvement and just be your awesome self. Flaws and all.

Life is full of ups and downs. Of screw-ups and failures. We aren’t born to become self help robots. We are meant to embrace being ourselves through all facets of the process. Through the good, bad, and yes, the ugly. And through it all we must pause, stop, and enjoy the beauty of it all. Pure and simple.

Professional athletes take time off between seasons to rest and restore. Soon NHL players will be flooding golf courses around North America and letting their hockey sticks gather dust for a couple months. Why don’t you let your self-help books gather some dust? (Figuratively, not literally though, keep your home dust free to keep your lungs happy!)


Here are a few ideas to get you started on your detox:

Which friend misses you and needs a date filled with belly laughs? Pick up the phone and CALL THEM (no text or imessaging). Set a date and make it happen.

What was your favourite book as a child? Get comfy on the couch, wrap yourself in your blanky and get lost in your childhood fantasies for hours and let the feelings of joy and sparks of creativity be welcomed.

When that friend of yours mentions struggles in your life, don’t quote the latest “4-steps to happiness” that you read about from that blog you follow. Simply hear them out and BE there for them. Listen. Love them hard. If they wanted to book a session with a therapist or a coach, they could. (You can give them my contact info though!)

Where have you been meaning to go, in your community or abroad, but have yet to take the time to go there? Look at your calendar and your budget. Book the time off and go there stat.

When was the last time that you just allowed yourself to be detached from the hustle & bustle and just focused on having fun? Disconnect from technology. Turn your phone off. Go to a café without your laptop. Take a month-off of Netflix.

Do you remember how good it feels to run naked in a field and breathe in the fresh air? You don’t have to get naked, but go out into nature and unleash your wild-hood.

If you’re obsessing about what your purpose is in life, STOP. It’s like looking at a math problem you can’t seem to solve for too long. Step away. Start living life ON purpose instead.  This should give you some serious insight and most likely show you that you’re doing alright.


Once you’ve rested and restored, I’ll be here. Those self-help books will be too. We’ll be waiting to add fuel to the fire you will have lit in your heart out of simply reconnecting to the magic that YOU are.

I hope that you’re excited to reconnect to that part of you that the universe adores to see. I sure am!



PS: If you don’t need a detox right now but are ready to jump in and create your dream life, I’ve got what you need. If you’re a yogi, the Biz of Yoga Program might be just what you’ve been looking for!

The Biz of Yoga program offers 8 modules to get light the yogipreneur on fire!

Branding: Creating YOU as a brand.

Money: Get paid what you’re worth + Discover how to create passive income by sharing the Biz of Yoga program!

Offerings: Killer products, services, & experiences.

Vision & Goals: Paint your future, live in the present.

Marketing: Get paid to be you. Share your gifts with the world.

Project Creation: Focus & launch.

Balance: Defining balance on your own terms.

Opening a Yoga Studio: From finding a location to choosing the right toilet paper, it all matters.

Muy importante: each session will be filled with tools and insights. Take what you need, leave the rest or come back to it when you are ready. Modules may overlap as everything is connected in the end. Most of all these are meant to educate and empower you to creating the business & lifestyle of your dreams.

You get over 8hours of instructional videos, worksheets, and access to a private Facebook Group to connect with other yogis + me along the way for only $99!

Every module is concise and dedicated to getting you into action so that you can see RESULTS and TOOLS that you can use for years to come in yoga and life!

I could have easily charged thousands of dollars for this program however I want to make it accessible. Not only that but I give you several opportunities to make passive income with this program!

Sounds amazing right

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I look forward to seeing you thrive on and off your mat! Let’s come together and create enlightened businesses and lives.

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