Moments from the road: Meet Phil and fill up on ALOHA
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Moments from the road: Meet Phil and feel the aloha!

08 May Moments from the road: Meet Phil and feel the aloha!

Meet Phil. He made my day yesterday with his clear blue eyes that immediately let me in.

I was driving through La Grande, OR. Just to get gas, a cup of coffee, and maybe something for the road. This cute little building with a blossoming tree caught my eye at the stop light.

“Honey for sale.” And another hand painted sign “Almonds, macadamia, walnuts for sale.”

Seemed so random in this town. The kiosk seemed nearly empty, but with its bright colour, the same as my beloved surf board, paired with the tree, it felt full.

On my way out of town I decided to stop. Just to take a photo. Phil immediately greeted me and jumped right into conversation.

“Looking for waves?!”

I went on to tell him about my time in Tofino. Wearing thick wetsuits. And my drive across the country with Bali.

He shared with me that he had lived in Hawaii for over twenty years and had just recently moved to Oregon. Sold the house he had built himself in Hawaii and bought a few properties in the area, including this cute little place where we found ourselves standing.

He told me about his business plans after he retired. I chuckled. “What an entrepreneur.”

“I’ve been doing it all my life. Sold fruit at 7 years old.”

He teared up when telling me about Hawaii and how he felt he was a true Hawaiian in a past life. I felt grateful that he trusted me to open up so naturally.

I grabbed a bag of macadamia he had just received from Kona. He gave me his contact info and told me to keep in touch and that I was welcome to stay anytime I passed through.

I thanked him, smiled, and went on my way enjoying handfuls of nuts that fuelled me with aloha for the rest of the day.

It’s for little encounters like these that stopping on the side of the road feels incredible. Do it. Strike up a conversation as if you’ve known someone for years, and you’ll build memories that last a lifetime!

Today I am heading towards La Grand, Colorado. I’ll be spending a couple nights in this town in the Rocky Mountain National Park area. Looking forward to going back to a state that had such an impact on my on my way West just a few months back. Who knows, perhaps I’ll make a detour in Frisco for a breakfast burrito!

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