Resolutions got you down? This one's for those who don't have resolutions this year...
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This is for those who don’t have resolutions this year…

11 Jan This is for those who don’t have resolutions this year…

Did you jump out of bed on January 1st before your alarm rang?

Have you been meditating daily?

Hitting the gym at least five times each week?

Have you written out your top goals and been tracking your progress?

Is cash growing on trees?

Has a handsome hunk knocked on your door?

You feeling like you’ve got more energy than you’ve ever had before?

Is 2018 your bitch and you working it?

Chances are your reality might look a little more like this…

You woke up on January 1st still feeling the buzz from the bubbly that flowed freely past midnight. You may have spent the 31st with your best pals in a cabin and were in bed at 12:07am. You might have been killing it on the dance floor or slow danced to Ed Sheeran’s Perfect – I mean that song is every girl’s dream no?. Or maybe the 31st still didn’t live up to the hype and you’re starting to be ok with that.

You’ve been feeling this lingering buzz ever since. Except the bubbly has worn off. The buzz seems to be coming from that nagging voice in your head – that seems to pick up on everything the media is saying about new year’s resolutions and all the deals you should jump on in order to get your life together, finally.

You have every intention to start meditating this year – you might even be on a roll.

You told yourself you’ll get back on your fitness routine.

You may even stop drinking all together – for realz this time.

As for the resolution that will trump them all, you’re still waiting for it to come to you. Waiting for the inspiration. The stroke of insight.

But deep down, beneath the noise of it all, you kind of just want to enjoy being you for a while. Or at least take away the pressure infused voice that is filled with “have to” and “should do.”

Listen, I know this time of year gets the goal setter in you all jazzed up. It sure does in me, and has for years. However I have learnt that resolutions and goals don’t need to be set on January 1st for them to be worthwhile.

In fact the best time is the time when you fully commit. From a peaceful and loving place. And sometimes the best goals are the goals of doing less and being more. Of tending to what’s right in front of us with care and devotion instead of giving in to the thought that we aren’t enough.

What’s most important to you in this moment?

What feels heavy or in other words, what resolutions do you simply want to fire and stop pretending to care about?

What if you decided to live on your terms, trusting your instinctual rhythm?

I’m not saying to keep on having second helpings of your mom’s cooking everyday of the week with that bottle of wine – I mean unless that’s working for you. What I’m saying is that if you don’t have your resolutions lined up in a row, that’s ok. Don’t let yourself you are less than anything or anyone because of it.

If I can give you something to chew on, to be inspired by, perhaps these ingredients can get things started.

Keep things simple.

Make this year the year you trust yourself more and let societal pressures go take a hike. Better yet, go for a hike and get some fresh air.

Breathe with intention – more deeply and slowly every day.

Move – be it to that Ed Sheehan song I keep raving about or the one that had you dancing on the speakers in the 90s. Sign up for the half marathon if you feel called do. Learn to surf. Or just shovel snow off your balcony like you mean it.

Those jeans that are 2 sizes too small and have been for over a year – donate them and starting owning your curves. Or cut out sugar for at least 30days – actually.

Unless social media is your business set boundaries around social media – live your own life and if the photos are blurry, great. Do what’s most important to you first. And if you fall in the comparison trap, call a girlfriend, she’ll remind you who you really are.

Hug your parents and love them hard. Thank them for bringing you hear. And if they fucked you up, it’s your responsibility to unfuck yourself. They are still trying to the same. Remember they had parents too.

Play. Take out that dusty game of Twister and remember how good it feels to giggle and get bendy.

If the word bendy makes your body twitch, try yoga or just stretch. You wanna play Twister till your 90 right?

Fall, fail, mess up, be bold, take chances – get back up every single time.

Love hard. Always.

Make your own rules. Then play full out. Let others join in. And have a freaking blast!

I am stoked to ride this wave we are calling 2018. May it bring you surprises beyond what you could have dreamed of. I look forward to being by your side every step of the way.

With love,


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