It's not always about the money. But sometimes it is.
Ready to live a life that you love? Melissa Colleret will show you how.
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It’s not always about money. But sometimes it is.

13 Nov It’s not always about money. But sometimes it is.

A week or so ago I sent the updated Y.O.U. Collective to my dear friend, and Y.O.U. Collective coach, Rebecca.

Rebecca took part in the pilot program in 2015 and has been part of the program’s evolution. Her feedback is always appreciated.

She mentioned that people she was talking to were expressing concerns regarding the payment plan.

At first I went to what business coaches and mentors would say:

“It’s not about the money.”

“When there’s a will there’s a way.”

“Have them be the kind of coach that finds the solution.”

But then I turned inward. To my inner compass and reflected on what the Y.O.U. Collective would do to address this concern.

Here’s what came up:

First, the Y.O.U. Collective at it’s heart was created out of my desire to create a coaching program like none other. One that I’d want to take part in. Built on solid values. Accessible. And with a focus on experiential learning rather than regurgitated concepts.

Years later, the Y.O.U. Collective is still about being a program I’d love to take a part in, except I have the honour of leading it.

Second, I thought about the payment plan. I had created 2 options: #1: Pay in full or #2: Pay monthly for 10months.

That’s easiest for me to manage on an administrative front. But then I turned to the program values and my heart.

I thought of the amazing people in this year’s program and those that I envision in 2018. I put myself in their shoes. I thought of the “U” in Y.O.U. “Unlimited potential” and I also think potential and possibilities are synonymous.

And so I created a few more options that would work to make the program more accessible and at the same time honour it’s value. I also wanted to be transparent since in most businesses, adjustments of this sort aren’t talked about publicly. But that’s not how I want to do business, and at the heart of the Y.O.U. Collective is to support YOU in becoming the authentic version of you, be it in business or in other aspects of your life.

Lastly, I would never want the perfect person for the program to be held back when a simple alternative could have been found. 

And so, I adjusted the payment plan. Added 3 monthly options to make it easier for you to look at the program for what it can bring into your life, rather than feel stopped at the tuition.

You can now choose to either pay in full or in 10, 15, or 18 months. And I’m also open to hearing what would work best for you within that. I know some people would rather make 3 payments, and we can do that if you prefer.

For more details, email me directly, or review the program syllabus here.

There is always a way. And if your heart is saying YES to joining the Y.O.U. Collective in 2018, let’s find a way. Because I know that if it’s a HELL YES for us both, then the way is already there.


With love,




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