Wanna be sober this October? Join OCSOBER with me!
Ready to live a life that you love? Melissa Colleret will show you how.
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Wanna be sober this October?

01 Oct Wanna be sober this October?

Feeling like you need to cut back on the booze this month?

Those who know me know that, although I love my green juice, I’m also a big fan of vino & am no stranger to shooting back whiskey from time to time.
But they also know that I like to take breaks. Do seasonal cleanse to give my body time to restore and see what happens. That is why this month I’ll be cutting out alcohol to support OCSOBER. A great way to set the tone for the¬†REVITALIZE Cleanse in November.

Which means I’ll be sober for two months, and super stoked! I’m also sitting on the couch admittedly hungover¬†after coming back from an epic wedding weekend so I’m ready for this!
Wanna join me?!

Know that you don’t have to be perfect to do something like this. In fact, I just shared with a friend that most of the cleanse I’ve done in the last decade have been flawed. In fact, last year I set out to do OCSOBER and only lasted a few days as my head and heart weren’t in it. But that’s ok, because I learned from that. I had just moved to Tofino and having a beer at Shelter Restaurant in town a few times a week was actually how I met some of my favourite people. And this year I feel fully in it. Who knows how I’d be feeling had I not attempted last year.

If this month isn’t a good time for you to cut back on the booze, know that REVITALIZE in November is another opportunity for you to give your mind, body, and soul a cleanse. So that fish & chip sandwich you see in the picture above won’t be on the menu then, but it was last night, and it was delicious. Balance my friend, that’s what I’m into. How about you?

Think about it. Jump all in, or perhaps simply cut back 10% or rebel. It’s all up to you. I wanted to let you know what I’ll be up to as I wanna be tip top shape to lead the best REVITALIZE Cleanse when it comes, and yes, I’d fully love for you to be too!!!

With love,

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