The One's For The Guys & The Women Who Love Men
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This one’s for the guys!

13 Jul This one’s for the guys!

I’ve got a special video for all the men out there and the women who adore them.

I’ve been thinking a lot about how I can support men achieve the results they crave in life. In the last few weeks I’ve sat down with some of the most amazing men in my life to find out more about what’s missing for them and how to bridge that gap.

We’ve talked about how they want to make an impact. How they feel about female empowerment.

I remember seeing a t-shirt with “The Future is Female” written across the chest. My stomach turned a little. It felt off.

I wondered what message we are sending out to men out there. How does my 9 year old nephew feel about this when he sees his classmate wearing this statement at school?

I believe the future is human. That men have visions that they deeply wish to see become a reality in the world. I believe that we must rise up as men and women. Support one another and truly engage in the process of life.

That is why I created this video.


**WARNING** I got emotional at some point and was tempted to edit that part out. “What will men think of seeing me cry on camera?” But I left it in there as I wanted to shoot this video in one take. Speak from the heart. And I did more than I had envisioned because I really believe in this message and in YOU!


Enjoy and please share with a man in your life.


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