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Take out your colouring crayons and draw your vision

08 Feb Take out your colouring crayons and draw your vision

Does making a vision board make you cringe?

Does writing out your vision statement bring back haunting memories of your Grade 9 english teacher?

Have you tried endless different ways to create a vision but have yet to find one way that works for you?

Do not fret. 

For one thing, you don’t need a vision to live a great life.

But if you’re like most people you often feel overwhelmed by all your options. Get side-tracked. Do the things you think you “should” instead of the things your heart craves. Wake up one morning, 5 years down the road, and recall that dream you had way back. Mixed with a feeling of wishing you had followed your heart and fulfilled your potential.

So yeah, you don’t need a vision or goals, but if the above sounds like you, you might want to listen up.

There are a million reasons why having a HUGE vision for your life is tremendously powerful. I shared my top 9 reasons for having a HUGE vision in one of my favourite articles. Go check out that article if you need a reminder.

If I didn’t have a vision or review it regularly, I wouldn’t push through the tough times or do some crazy things to get there. My vision allows me to show up. To cultivate faith. Take chances. Leap. Create a life that used to only live in the safety of my dreams.

As I walked along the beaches of Tofino this morning I reminded myself that living the dream is way more fun than just thinking about it. Sure it’s also filled with ups and downs, but I live for those moments where I just pause in amazement. When I get present to the fact that I am in fact living the dream. Because I took time to envision what I wanted. Put it on paper or on a board. Set goals. Took action. And voila. Dream becomes reality.

If you only knew how badly your dreams want you to make them a reality. They are craving your attention like a 5 year old. Because something magical happens when you go after your dreams, when you turn your vision into a reality, more than you could have ever imagined pops up.

Now I won’t lie and say that each day of going after your dreams is filled with glitter and fairy dust. 

Shit still happens.

Your loved ones may pass away. Your heart could get broken. You may get there and realize that is not at all where you want to be. You may feel scared, confused, doubt the entire process several times along the way.

But in my experience, one thing has been confirmed time and time again. I have never once regretted going after the objects of my desires wholeheartedly. My vision has changed over the years, and with each realization I have become more of me, uncovered new desires, and created new adventures for my future. So despite the challenges along the way, I can sincerely say that I don’t have any regrets (except for taking out that $5000 RRSP when I was 20 to go to OZ…I don’t want to think ho much that would be worth had I not touched it, but I do feel wealthier today, even with debt to my name, than I ever have.)

Perhaps you need to re-connect. Create your vision from scratch. I think now is as good a time as ever.

One of my favourite exercises is to draw my vision. An idea I started sharing in workshops over the years that became a key element of the Vision module of the Y.O.U. Collective Coach Certification.

It’s a simple and fun way to bring lightness to an exercise that sometimes is taken way to seriously. Creating your vision should be fun. So take our your colouring crayons, a blank page, and draw it out. Watch this awesome TedTalk for some inspiration!


BONUS: I dare you to send me a picture of your drawing! Double dare in fact. Send it my way: info@melissacolleret.com

And in case you want to create your vision (because let’s face it, they are AWESOME!) here’s a little video to guide your process! 

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