What are your CORE VALUES?
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What are your core values? *Video inside*

12 Jan What are your core values? *Video inside*

“Your beliefs become your thoughts,

Your thoughts become your words,

Your words become your actions,

Your actions become your habits,

Your habits become your values,

Your values become your destiny.”

– Mahatma Gandhi


What are the 3-5 things that you values the most in your life? What would you fight for? Stand up for?

In other words;

What are your core values?

This is one of the first questions I ask anyone when entering a coaching relationship. It’s the first question I asked the coaches of the Y.O.U. Collective during the first Module of the Certification program.

I promised to take you along the Y.O.U. Collective journey in 2017. To dedicated this year to YOU: Your vision, Our world, & the Unlimited potential within that.

Before we dive into the vision for your life that makes you want to spring out of bed in the morning we need to review your values. They are like the foundation of your house.

Values are the foundation of the life you are creating.

You wouldn’t build a home without a solid foundation would you?

Probably not. Or at least I hope not.

My life and coaching practice are value and vision focused.

But why?

I thank my parents for raising my brother, sister, and I with values they stayed true to. Values that allowed us to be ourselves and go after the things we most wanted out of life.

I also have lululemon athletic to thank. I worked for the company for 8 years on and off. What I admired about the company then was it’s emphasis on sharing the values the company was built upon and lived by.

I remember conversations with upper leadership and new employees about the core values of the company. I loved the commitment and integrity.

When I led my first corporate workshop, I asked participants if they knew the values that the company they worked for lived by.

Not one person knew.

I myself was unable to find the information when doing research on the company.

This was startling to me.

How can we expect ourselves to give our 110% at work when we don’t even know what values the company stands for?

Or if these are even in line with our own?

My second question was about the core values for their lives.

Again no one seemed to know what the hell I was talking about.

Imagine a world where the company you worked for was built upon a solid set of core values that aligned with your own.

Perhaps you wouldn’t need to quit your 9-5. Perhaps you would anyways. But perhaps you could enjoy the time spent working for someone else a little more if you knew that they stood by values you respected. This topic deserves it’s own article, so let’s go back to your core values.

“How the hell do I know what my core values are?”

Glad you asked.

I’ve got a few questions for you and a worksheet to get you started.

Where would you LOVE to spend your time, energy, and money? Where do you do that already?

Think about this for a second.

Time is your most valuable, non-renewable, resource. Where you spend your time should technically reflect what’s most important to you, right?

I once read somewhere a coach who looks at his clients calendars as a starting point.

“Show me where you spend your time, money, and energy, and I’ll tell you what you worship.”

– John Wimber

The things you value the most tend to give you energy. Make you feel alive. When we live out of integrity with our core values we might feel drained, tired, frustrated. Pay attention to your energy levels.

Julie, a Y.O.U. Collective Coach in the making, connected to her core values by making a list of the material possessions most important to her.

She gave the example of her running shoes. These represented her core values of HEALTH & FREEDOM.

Running allows her to keep her body fit and energized. AND she finds the experience of running freeing.

What people, places, or things do you value the most? What core values do these represent?

When thinking of the people I value the most it’s clear that FAMILY is one of my core values.


The ocean is one of my favourite places. NATURE isn’t one of my 3-5 core values, however FREEDOM is, and I feel the most free when I am near, on, or in the ocean. Which is why I created a life that allows me to live by the ocean.

HAWAII You changed me. Lit me up. Filled me with ALOHA. . #Throwback to this time last year as I was packing my carry-on. Preparing myself to what was to be one of the most incredible 12 days of my life. . I've started writing my first book & the first Chapter is dedicated to the magic in Hawaii. Get a taster by diving into the most read article on my blog via the link in my bio! *Warning: You may experience a strong desire to book flights to Hawaii* . Stay tuned for a few more Hawaii flashbacks in the coming days & book progress updates! . ✌

My surf board is probably my favourite thing. It represents my core values of HEALTH & FUN! I may have a rough day out in the waves, as I did today, but I still love every minute of it (or at least the minutes where I am not being held under by a massive wave). My body feels invigorated and strong.

I feel happy and alive.


Whenever you spend a dollar you are making a statement for something important to you.

For someone spending $1500 on a ticket to Costa Rica is ludacris.

For someone who values TRAVEL & ADVENTURE it’s worth every penny.

Notice where you say things are “expensive.” Chances are you either don’t value these things and should review why you are spending your hard-earned dollar there, OR you haven’t made the link between the value it brings into your life.

The next question is one of my favourites.

It fuels my fire as motherhood is something I hope to have the chance of experiencing one day. I think about my future children all the time. No joke. I often ask myself who I need to be today in order to be a good mother tomorrow, and hell I don’t even know if I’ll have that chance in this lifetime. But that’s a whole other story.

What values do you want to reflect to your children?

Drop the mic.

When you start thinking of the values you wish to share with others, it takes the conversation to another level.

It makes you more aware of the responsibility to live by those values as we learn by example, don’t we?

If you want to inspire your children to value HEALTH yet you work yourself to the point of exhaustion and never take time to prepare meals that would nourish your body, how they heck do you expect them to value health?

What’s coming up for you? Write these down.

Still stumped? Try this.


On the first page you will find a list of values. It’s not exhaustive by any means, so fill in whatever value you live by that’s missing. Circle the values that stand out the most to you. No more than 10!

Narrow these down to a max of 5. Which of the ones that you’ve selected capture the foundation upon which you want to build the rest of your life?

Your next step is to define what each of these mean to YOU. You might literally write out your definition. You might describe what it would feel or look like in you life. Actions or activities that represent this value.

There’s no one way to do this exercise, so just do it.

Take all of these questions, the worksheet, and create your core values.

Get clear on what these mean to you.

Leave a comment below with your Top 3 Core Values!


Tell me…

What 1 step can you will take this week, or better yet, today, to honour your core values?

What 1 thing will you STOP (or decrease) doing to align how you are being with your core values?

Is HEALTH & VITALITY one of your core values?

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