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    Life in Tofino: Let the photos be the thousand words.

    I've been living in Tofino for just over 2 months now. Although it's been emotionally challenging to adapt, this place has showered me with rain and beauty day after day. It will take time for me to truly feel settled, but admiring this place will never grow old....

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    7 reasons I LOVE my job + how you can too!

    Too many people seem to feel trapped within the confines of their job titles. It is part of my mission to inspire and empower you to love what you do and to feel fully expressed in your job. I feel lucky to do what I do everyday and wanted to share with you the 7 reasons why I love what I do + how you can too!...

  • Go check out Alex's work at:
    Alexandra CD: Meet the photographer who’s passion for surf is making waves.

    Alexandra CD is passionate creative who makes the world more beautiful through the images captured with her lens. On October 27th she will be taking you on a journey through Montreal's surf culture. Check out FINS an expo hosted by September Surf in Montreal's Little Burgundy from 7:30pm-9:30pm. Don't miss it!...

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    Autumn Leaves: A lesson in personal transformation & magnificent self-expression.

    I am always amazed by trees in autumn. I admire how they completely transform themselves in order to create a breathtaking display of colours. They step into their full expression and before we know it let it all go. See how their transformation can be related back to how you flow through the seasons of your life......