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Ready to live a life that you love? Melissa Colleret will show you how.
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  • Creating space for men to thrive

    Men. We wouldn't be here without them. And we cannot evolve without them either. Join me as I am joined by 5 amazing men to talk about the current situation around men's health and what we can do to help them thrive in a world where we need one another to fully come alive. ...

  • Travel Guide: TOFINO

    Tofino is a magical place. I wanted to share with you the best people, places, and things to do in this surf town that will pull at your heart strings. Whether you want to plan your next trip or simply feel as if you've been there, enjoy as I take you along the beaches and into my favourite spots....

  • Moments from the road: Meet Phil and feel the aloha!

    A quick update from the road... Meet Phil and discover how a pit stop turned into a conversation filled with ALOHA!...

  • Life in Tofino: Let the photos be the thousand words.

    I've been living in Tofino for just over 2 months now. Although it's been emotionally challenging to adapt, this place has showered me with rain and beauty day after day. It will take time for me to truly feel settled, but admiring this place will never grow old....