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  • OCSOBER: 3 reasons why I decided to cut out booze & why you should too!

    After a thanksgiving dinner that had me stuffed with turkey and wine, I decided to take a break from drinking for a while. Find out the 3 reasons motivating this, one which will pull at your heartstrings no doubt. I hope that you'll jump on the sober bandwagon too!...

  • Road trip journal, Day #30: Portland, city of hipsters & to die for ice cream…+ a little green smoothie too!

    There is so much to do in Portland and I've gladly skipped most of it in lieu of doing less and acting normal for a few days. I've reserved my explorations to the street on which I am staying. Luckily for me, this street has so much goodness to offer that I don't feel that I am missing out on anything. Check it out!...

  • Post-Hike Breakfast Bowl

    After hiking for 3hours with Bali in Watkins Glen State Park I needed to give my body some fuel. I thought about making this breakfast bowl. My sister and I used to make this sort of mix and it is so tasty. It's easy and will give you the boost you need to recover or fuel-up. I wanted to make sure I was eating as healthy as possible during my road trip across the United States. I loaded up on trail mix, fruit, protein powder, and lemons! Not wanting to cook as convenience is also a priority, my food choices hover around raw and not needing refrigeration. ...

  • 28-day Juice Cleanse. Day 12. Falling off the bandwagon. Emotions on the loose. Choosing love.

    The beauty of falling off the bandwagon in life is that the bandwagon generally stops when you do. It waits for you to get up, dust it off, and it even lends a hand for you to get back on when you're ready. Sure sometimes that bandwagon moves on, but if you're patient another one will come along. It might not be the same. But another one always comes along. You just have to look out for it and stop wishing it was the one you fell off. Otherwise you'll miss the thrill of having the chance to catch a new ride!...