7 tips to survive Black Friday + Trump & living with a Free Soul.
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7 tips to survive Black Friday + what Trump & living with a free soul has to do with it.

25 Nov 7 tips to survive Black Friday + what Trump & living with a free soul has to do with it.

It’s finally here!

The biggest shopping day of the year. It’s exciting and also terrifying. So many sales, too many options, not enough time.

I love a good sale and I also hate feeling guilty after making an unnecessary purchase. I bet you know what I mean.

Having worked 8 years in retail prior to being a coach, I’ve learnt a few tools to avoid spending my entire paycheck on things I either didn’t really need or fully want.

I wanted to share some of these with you so that you can enjoy today. Treat yourself if you so please, and also support your financial goals along the way!

Here we go!

#1 – The 24H rule.

I started practicing the 24H rule when I worked at lululemon. Since items came in limited quantities I often felt pressured or as if there was a rush to make a purchase in case we ran out.
Instead of giving into this pressured feeling that never felt good anyway, I would sleep on it.

For two reasons:
1st if I woke up still thinking about the item perhaps I’d consider it.
2nd if it was meant to be, it would still be there.

Most of the Black Friday sales will be going on till Sunday and perhaps even past that. Might it be worth sleeping on it tonight & seeing if the desire/need to buy is still there come Saturday?

#2 – Would I have bought this at full price?

If you wouldn’t have considered buying the item at full price, what makes you think you will value it that much on sale? There are exceptions to this, but most of the time buying something on sale just because “it’s a good deal” won’t give you that lasting appreciation.

Ask yourself if you are buying this for the sake of a deal, for the thrill, or because you actually want or love this.

#3 – Does this actually fit or look good?

How many times have you purchased an item on sale that was one size too big or worse, too small, and promised yourself you would use that pair of jeans as a motivator to lose those last 5lbs?

I had a pair of jeans in my closet for over 2 years that I never ended up fitting into. Getting rid of these was the best thing ever!
We might not have all of our shit together in life, but let’s agree to only buying things that actually fit us from now on. OK?

#4 – Is the FOMO real or will there be another one like this in the future?

Another thing I think we can agree on is that there will be another sale. There will always be a cute little black dress to desire. A good pair of jeans to slip into and a pair of bright coloured heels.

Black Friday seems to create this idea that it’s armageddon and that you will live with eternal regret if you don’t make your purchase NOW. Chances are there’s more where that came from, take a breathe, you’ll survive.

#5 – It’s another opportunity to vote. 

If you’re like many Canadians, you might feel sad that you didn’t get to vote during the American election. But every time you spend money is an opportunity to cast your ballot. To reinforce what you value and believe in.

Are you supporting companies that you respect and admire?
Is your friend having a sale? Would you supporting her business go a long way? 

Align yourself with brands that you love and give yourself permission to unfollow brands that your values don’t align with.

#6 – Do you really need more “stuff”?

If the idea of selling your possessions and moving across the country has crossed your mind, consider buying less. It will make the process easier!

So many people feel trapped inside the illusion that their possessions are real. People stay in relationships because of the house. Feel they don’t have enough time because they spend so much of it trying to find their things in the pile of things.

Less stuff. More quality. More freedom. More love. 

Watch the videos I’ve included below. These had a HUGE impact on how I was able to sell most of my stuff and pack my bags in my little Versa.

#7 – The HELLZ YES exception.

This one trumps (pun not intended) all the other steps. Sometimes something comes along that just clicks like it was meant to be your Avatar.
You don’t second guess. You don’t even need to ask your friend for her opinion. You just know it’s the perfect fit. You feel excited and know it’s perfect.

This may sound dramatic for a simple purchase but those items are few and far between.
When I look at my closet most of what I decided to bring with me from East to West are such purchases. Like the grey dress I wore nearly every single day on the road trip and funny enough, my Mat & Nat wallet I found on sale.

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t enjoy the Black Friday sales. I’m saying don’t buy into the idea that you HAVE to buy something you don’t fully need or love. 

Treat yourself to what makes your soul happy and that also supports the person you want to be in this world!

That way you can spend today focusing on what you are thankful for instead of wishing you had more of what you don’t need.

PS: Two of my favourite people, Leah Brathwaite and Melanie Vandersluis own businesses that are offering Black Friday sales. So if you are looking for a purchase that will feed your soul and support two baddass #girlbosses who are also part of the Y.O.U. Collective Coach Certification faculty, check out what they are about below!

LEAH BRATHWAITE | This free soul will be leading the Meditation & Mindfulness Module for the Y.O.U. Collective Coach Certification!

I am honoured to have Leah join the faculty & for her to share her passion for meditation with YOU!

Leah is the founder of Free Soul Malas. Her malas create balance, inspire + manifest.

It was important for me to bring meditation & mindfulness into the Coach program. Providing you with tools to keep you grounded & connected is so exciting to me. 
When I met Leah, I was immediately drawn to her presence & bright energy.

I was over the moon when she accepted the invitation to join the faculty!

You will be blown away by who this woman is in the world! The Meditation & Mindfulness module is happening on February 7th. 
To find out more about the program head to the *link in my bio* & watch the overview video on the site!

Go give @freesoulmalas a follow & you will fall in love!

Up next meet the person who will bring sunshine into your life & the management skills you'll need to build a community & stellar events!

PC  @kenyajade

Leah is the founder of Free Soul Malas and is also one of the kindest and most radiant women that I have ever met. So honoured to have teach the Meditation & Mindfulness module for the Y.O.U. Collective Coach Certification!

I wear the Dalmatian Jasper mala bracelet she created specially for an event I led earlier this year daily! It marks not only the day this amazing soul came into my life but also to go towards my dreams with my heart open.

MELANIE VANDERSLUIS | Great things & people are worth reintroducing.

Mel was the first faculty member of the Y.O.U. Collective Coach Certification & I am thrilled to have her on board once again to lead the Social Media module.

Mel is the founder of @bemelanieaudrey & has creates truly inspiring content via her social media channels.

With social media playing such an important role in marketing these days, I wanted Y.O.U. Coaches to learn the basics so that they can get their gifts out into the world!

You will love your time with Melanie so don't wait before it's too late to get your application in! Go get it via the link in my bio!

Plus check out www.melanieaudrey.com & follow Mel's personal page @mvandersluis to get the inspired stat!

Happy weekend! ✌️

Melanie is the founder of Melanie Audrey and has been adorning my wrists for years now. Each bracelet is inspired by a story that will immerse you into a unique experience.

I purchased two special bracelets just before leaving on my road trip. Those I was drawn to also had stories that were perfectly fitting to where I was at in my life.

Here are two videos that will change the way you look at what you have, what you want, & why you want it!

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