Celebrating LOVE! A few words from my friends' wedding!
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Celebrating LOVE!

08 Dec Celebrating LOVE!

Back in September I had the honour of marrying two of the most genuine people that I know. It’s no surprise that the people surrounding these two were just the same. I wanted to let you in on what was one of the most beautiful weddings I have had a chance of being a part of.

The wedding took place at Kabania, this absolutely amazing spot just over an hour away from Montreal. Cabins on stilts, a flowing river, and trails were the perfect place to bring this outdoorsy couple together.

There was even a donkey and alpaca there. Not to mention a food truck and canoe filled with too many beers than we could take in. This wedding was no joke, but more importantly these two are one cute couple. When they asked me to be their officiant back in January, I didn’t understand what a big deal, and honour this was.

Writing about their love made me fall in love with them and love all the more.

In a picturesque setting I had the chance of sharing with these two a few thoughts on the love they’ve created and continue to cultivate, and perhaps it will resonate with the love that you are cultivating in your life…

Enjoy the good waves. Take the lessons from the bad ones. 
Keep paddling out past the break, keeping your eye on the horizon.
Don’t forget to enjoy the simplicity of the little things, like playing in the white wash. Stay curious about one another, you are continuously evolving and growing.
And just like the surf, each day is different. embrace that.

When life makes you feel like you’re drowning, relax.
Surrender to the deep knowing that the universe has your back, and you have one another through it all.
Most of all, watch lots of sunsets together.
Catch the sunrise.
Embrace the beauty of your surroundings.
Take moments to pause, hand in hand, to remember that just being together is fun. And always, always, laugh at your epic wipeouts.

Oh and jump into hot tubs in your wetsuit if you so please.
Life, and your marriage, is yours to create.

Alexandra & Jonathan thanks again for letting us share in your magical union! And Alexis Lavoie – Photographe for capturing the stunning memories – if you’re looking for a wedding photographer check him out. AND note that Alex, the bride is also a photographer, read her story HERE.

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