Looking for 108 yogis with an entrepreneurial spirit!
Ready to live a life that you love? Melissa Colleret will show you how.
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Looking for 108 yogis with an entrepreneurial spirit to join the Biz of Yoga program!

26 Mar Looking for 108 yogis with an entrepreneurial spirit to join the Biz of Yoga program!

I want to help 108 yogis create a business and life that flows with the Biz of Yoga program!

To support yoga teachers and practitioners to share their gifts with the world. To reconnect to their inner desires. To spark the fire within. Push them to BE BOLD and LEAP off the mat with their positive vibrations, intentions, and dreams of being the change.

Want to be a part of this?

Perhaps you are…

  • A yogi and have been feeling like your business side needs a boost;
  • You might simply take a class here and there and want to infuse what you do in your life with prana and practical tools to live your dream life;
  • Or maybe you have friends who might need exactly what the Biz of Yoga program offers.

Wherever you fall, if you are reading this, I would love for us to work towards spreading the love.

First, let me tell you briefly what the Biz of Yoga program came from and what it’s about…

When I became a yoga teacher many moons ago, I quickly saw that becoming a successful teacher had little to do with whether you were able to do headstands or teach a seamless flow class.

I for one was never the most flexible teacher nor have I mastered Sanskrit.

The ability to succeed as a teacher was related to my;

  • desire to teach full time and share my passion;
  • ability to share this desire by putting myself out there and make bold requests, take chances, fail and get back up;
  • acquire business acumen in order to bridge the gap between being a yogi and create a sustainable living.

Had I not done this, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I would probably still be wondering whether I want to teach full time, open a yoga studio, or take another teacher training.

Perhaps you are wondering about these things too and want to get clear. Are ready to take action and create a business and life that flows as you do on the mat. If so, this program is for you!

The experience I gained from my yoga career paved the way to create a new path in my career and lifestyle. For this, I am forever grateful. 

I wanted to share the tools that made a difference in my life with others. I started by teaching the business of yoga in several yoga teacher trainings as I felt this was just as important as learning proper alignment and pranayama.

I never had the time to go in depth and needed to find a way to make the business of yoga more accessible and complete. The thought of creating a Biz Of Yoga program available online was then added to my business vision.

In came the lovely Suzanne Moscovitch, founder of the Yoga Crush Podcast. With an interview coming out I committed to releasing the Biz of Yoga program. Having a deadline was just what I needed to go all Jerry Maguire on the project.

Months after it’s release, I let the Biz of Yoga program sit on the back burner and stopped sharing this amazing program.

Now spring has sprung and I have decided to let this program shine once again. 

*Little inside…in running a business I often go back to the drawing board and ask “what can I do right now to….make a difference? generate additional income? inspire? empower?” Asking myself this sparked this initiative!

I initially thought of releasing the program for a limited time and then take it away. But after sitting with my mala beads this morning and reconnecting to the power of 108, I was struck with insight;

Why not make the program available to 108 yogis and see what happens then?

“HELL YES!” my heart said. Now here we are. It’s a rainy Sunday afternoon in Tofino and I am hunched over my laptop excited to share this with you.

Want to find out more?

Already saying “HELL YES” too?

Read on or join the Biz Of Yoga program HERE.

The Biz of Yoga program offers 8 modules to get light the yogipreneur on fire!

Branding: Creating YOU as a brand.

Money: Get paid what you’re worth + Discover how to create passive income by sharing the Biz of Yoga program!

Offerings: Killer products, services, & experiences.

Vision & Goals: Paint your future, live in the present.

Marketing: Get paid to be you. Share your gifts with the world.

Project Creation: Focus & launch.

Balance: Defining balance on your own terms.

Opening a Yoga Studio: From finding a location to choosing the right toilet paper, it all matters.

Muy importante: each session will be filled with tools and insights. Take what you need, leave the rest or come back to it when you are ready. Modules may overlap as everything is connected in the end. Most of all these are meant to educate and empower you to creating the business & lifestyle of your dreams.

You get over 8hours of instructional videos, worksheets, and access to a private Facebook Group to connect with other yogis + me along the way for only $99!

Every module is concise and dedicated to getting you into action so that you can see RESULTS and TOOLS that you can use for years to come in yoga and life!

I could have easily charged thousands of dollars for this program however I want to make it accessible. Not only that but I give you several opportunities to make passive income with this program!

Sounds amazing right

Want to be part of the 108 yogipreneurs to join this program? Join today HERE!

Know someone you can share this with? Share this article with them by clicking below or pasting on your social media profile!

Need more info? Get it all HERE.

I look forward to seeing you thrive on and off your mat! Let’s come together and create enlightened businesses and lives.

PS: Scroll below for additional resources to get your started too!

Dreaming of doing a Yoga Teacher Training but have yet to choose the right one for you?

I shared my heartfelt advice in this article to help you in making this decision that could completely change the course of your life!

Enjoy and let me know what you choose!

There’s no shame in getting a side job!

I worked several jobs as I grew my yoga career. At times I felt ashamed yet I realize that it was because of this that I was able to push through.

Doing whatever YOU need to do in order to create your dream business and lifestyle isnt something to be ashamed about but something be incredible PROUD of. Read the article if you need a reminder!

Need to revamp your home practice? Check out 8 ways to fall in love with your home practice HERE!

The cute dog isn’t included, but highly recommended!

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